I think “interacts with and associates with people involved in contemporary performance art while not being involved and maintaining only rudimentary knowledge of performance art history herself” has become a distinct facet of my personality because everybody keep showing me things about marina abramoviç

And so a queerness which opposes society must embody the death drive of what has become death-in-life, the intrinsic negation of a social order predicated on the use of life for its ends. In this project, we have nothing to gain by speaking the language of, or making demands to, the existent power structures. It is specifically these structures’ ability to comprehend antagonism that makes intelligibility synonymous with recuperation.

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I live too active a lifestyle to sustain well-painted nails for more than 3 hours so let’s put our hands together and make chipped nails an intentional style choice

this is a sample of a digital cable channel that streams footage designed to relax dogs

I know that after 20 years I really should give Diamanda Galas a chance but I’m not gonna

I was walking to my car in the Target parking lot and thought about Oedipus/Anti-Oedipus/Freud and made a concerned noise and had a concerned expression on my face as I was passing by a lesbian couple with their child and I was worried that they would think I was making a noise and face about them so I justified my noise and face by stopping and turning around and staring at the Target building with an uneasy/frightened face and then after a few seconds turned back around and walked to my car

My goodness, she’s built!

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