a couple days ago i told clove that i’m the reason girls are becoming lesbians again and i earnestly believe that

I haven’t faked my death in like 5 years but I still feel like people aren’t going to believe me when it happens.

Why is this my tumblr url I don’t read or write books anymore

The most coherent thought I’ve had in months was “I wish I’d had like a beard or dressed really masculine before coming out so I would have a better idea of what transition has looked like for me but instead I’ve always just looked like a less hot ET.”

I’m finally reading Nevada.
My bookmark is a McDonald’s receipt.

A man in his late 20s bent down to pet the dog I was walking, said “ooh why is she whimpering?”, and looked up and smiled at me and the moment I noticed the undeniable urine stain on his white collared shirt is the precise instant he realized that I was the one making the whimpering sounds.